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This FMT5-600 transmitter adopts the concept of simple design and integrates the exciter and power amplifier, output filter, switching power supply, etc. into a standard 19-inch 2U high enclosure. This advanced design reduces the number of connection cables and improves the overall efficiency of the transmitter, making it more reliable and easy to operate.


– Humanised LCD digital touch panel, simple operation interface with direct touch control.
– Built-in LCD display shows all system parameters: transmitter frequency, stereo and mono, volume, amplifier tube – – – temperature, audio signal UV meter, direct power, reflected power, modulation mode and pre-emphasis, etc.
– 2U, 19-inch thick aluminium alloy housing, which is not only robust but also has good heat dissipation.
– Precise PLL frequency generation system to ensure that the frequency will not drift for at least 10 years.
– Built-in high quality professional stereo encoder.
– Excellent AGC power balance control system, the power output can be adjusted from 0 to full power, and has an – – –  automatic gain power control to keep the output power within a set range without drifting.
– Supports external RDS or SCA signal modulation input.
– Supports AES-EBU digital signal input, 24Bit 192KHz sample rate input range, real lossless audio.
– Equipped with RS232 communication interface, users can control all operations through the transmitter’s communication protocol.
– The RF amplifier uses NXP LDMOS BLF188XR transistor, so it is able to withstand severe load mismatch of more than -65: 1 VSWR at 5dB compression point.
– It automatically logs the last 9 device alarms for subsequent troubleshooting.

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