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This transmitter adopts the latest technological design. The FMT5-3500 3500w transmitter integrates the exciter and power amplifier, output filter, switching power supply, etc. into a standard 19-inch 4U high enclosure. This advanced design reduces the number of connection cables and improves the overall efficiency of the transmitter, making it more reliable, lighter and easier to handle.


– Humanised LCD digital touch panel, simple operation interface with direct touch control.
– Built-in LCD display shows all system parameters: transmitter frequency, stereo and mono, volume, amplifier tube temperature, audio signal UV meter, direct power, reflected power, modulation mode and pre-emphasis, etc.
– 4U, 19-inch thick aluminium alloy housing, which is not only robust but also has good heat dissipation.
– Precise PLL frequency generation system to ensure that the frequency will not drift for at least 10 years.
– Built-in high quality professional stereo encoder.
– Excellent AGC power balance control system, the power output can be adjusted from 0 to full power, and has an automatic gain power control to keep the output power within a set range without drifting.
– Supports external RDS or SCA signal modulation input.
– Supports AES-EBU digital signal input, 24Bit 192KHz sample rate input range, real lossless audio (digital signal priority by default).
– Can be used for FM broadcasting system (same frequency synchronisation). Provide options for 10MHz synchronisation standard frequency input or built-in GPS module according to customer’s requirements.
-Equipped with RS232 communication interface, users can control all operations through the transmitter communication protocol.
– The RF power amplifier part is synthesised by using multiple modules, and the amplifier module uses the NXP LDMOS BLF188XR NXP transistor. It is capable of withstanding a severe load mismatch of more than 65: 1 VSWR at the 5dB compression point. Using superconducting soldering technology, the transistor is soldered on the copper plate to obtain excellent thermal conductivity and the power amplifier transistor has never been damaged so far.
– All circuits adopt the split-module design, and each circuit has status indicators to check its operation, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
– Innovative RF module status monitoring and fault notification. If a module fails, simply replace the module with the specified number as indicated by the system.
– Automatically logs the last 9 device alarms for subsequent troubleshooting.

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