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FMT5-150 transmitter including PLL digital frequency synthesis, pre-emphasis, stereo encoding, RF amplification, filters, switching power supplies, etc. Standard 1U 19-inch chassis for greater reliability and easier operation.
Stereo encoder board and controller board adopt full SMD technology to ensure circuit stability and consistency. Exceptional audio indicators provide users with a perfect listening experience that approaches CD quality.

– Easy to use digital LCD panel, which uses a rotary knob to easily control all settings.
– The built-in LCD displays all parameters including: transmitter frequency, stereo and mono, volume, amplifier tube temperature, audio signal UV meter, forward power, reflected power, modulation mode, pre-emphasis, etc.
– 1U 19 inch thickened aluminium enclosure, strong and excellent heat dissipation.
Built-in high quality stereo encoder, CD class sound quality.
– Precise PLL frequency generation system, to ensure the frequency will not shift for more than 10 years, with built-in high quality stereo encoder.
– Excellent AGC power balance control system, adjustable output power from 0 to 150 watts and automatic gain power control to keep the output power within the set range without drift.
– The signal input supports XLR and RCA audio inputs, as well as SCA and RDS signals using the BNC AUX connector.
– The RF amplifier uses LDMOS transistors to withstand even a strong load mismatch in excess of 65: 1 VSWR at a compression point of 5dB.

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