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The SLIM5-01 1300W digital transmitter is the 6 RU solution of the Syes Compact SLIM line of air-cooled TV transmitters. It consists of one (1) PCM driver and one (1) SLIM3 5RU amplifier. The SLIM5 01 is a multi-mode, multi-standard transmitter, transposer and repeater. A high efficiency PPT option is available. (PPT: registered trademark, patented). The overall system efficiency is up to 42%.

Multi-standard transmitter: All digital / All analogue on the same hardware.
Multi-mode platform: same hardware: System controller, low power transmitter, heterodyne transposer, regenerative transmitter, translator (integrated DVB-S2 receiver), gap filler and single frequency echo canceller.
Compact solution Class AB transmitter
Base inputs: 2 ASI Hitless switches, 2 SAT (S2 with CAMSlot), 2 Hitless Ethernet switches
Regenerative gap-filling and SFN functionality
Agile frequency with static or adaptive precorrection (linear and non-linear)
Built-in GPS receiver for SFN applications
Easy to use: graphical web interface Response GUI
The PCM line represents the state of the art in RF transmitter technology. It is the only inverting exciter thanks to its ability to modulate on all digital, TV and radio standards as well as analogue TV.

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