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The new Screen SFT DAB 2400 2400 W Radio DAB Transmitter is reaching the highest technological level in both digital signal processing and RF domain.
All models are also available as / XE, eXtreme Efficiency, with an overall efficiency of up to 42% The best performances are possible thanks to:

1) Enhanced digital adaptive pre-correction and configuration flexibility
To meet and exceed all the requirements of international digital radio stations, optimizing modulation performance in all working conditions.

2) High efficiency SFK amplifiers

Latest generation LDMOS devices, more resistant and efficient, special low-loss combination and combination system design, high efficiency power supplies over 96%.
Very low overall consumption.

3) Hot-pluggable RF modules and power supplies
All RF power modules are hot-pluggable for quick and easy on-site maintenance. All RF power modules are equipped with independent hot-pluggable power supplies for maximum redundancy and easy selection of operating mode between single-phase or balanced three-phase.
The latest generation of industry top-class power supplies deliver over 96% efficiency with a wider AC input range capability and greater robustness.

4) Compact size amplifier modules thanks to a new concept of heat sync and ultra compact power supplies, both in air and liquid cooling systems.
A 5 kW rms DAB transmitter in a single frame is just one example of this extreme compactness.

5) Intelligent system design
State-of-the-art RF combination technology with ultra-compact imbalance simulated loads and an intelligent intercom interface between RF modules, controllers and logic control system.
Main features

Supported standards: DAB, DAB +, T-DMB (optional)
Frequency range: VHF (III) 170 MHz to 255 MHz, L-band on request.
DAB modes: I, II, III, IV.
Network type: MFN, SFN.
Bandwidth 1,536 MHz.

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