The SLIM4-02 UHF 1400W is the NEW 4 RU amplifier solution from Syes. It is the new compact air-cooled TV transmitter in the SLIM line. In this configuration the SLIM4-02 consists of one (1) PCM driver and two (2) SLIM4 4RU amplifiers.
The SLIM4-02 is a multi-mode, multi-standard transmitter, transposer and repeater. The high efficiency PPT option is always included. (PPT: registered trademark, patented). The overall system efficiency is up to 42%.

SLIM Line models are also available as an off-air repeater, with a wide selection of operating configurations, or as a retransmitter, with multiple input options. Transmitter configurations are based on single or multiple identical SLIM-type amplifier units (PA). The arrangement of the equipment depends on the desired output power level and operational requirements. The amplifiers are powered directly by the driver. The choice of redundancy configurations may include dual drive (std-by driver), passive standby (1+1 or n+1) and more.

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