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Multi-standard transmitter SLIM2 01 UHF SD PCM 360W All digital / All analogue on the same hardware (ATSC 3.0 ready)
Multi-mode platform: same hardware: System controller, low power transmitter, heterodyne re-transmitter, regenerative transmitter, translator (integrated DVB-S2 receiver), gap filler and single frequency echo canceller
Base inputs: 2 ASI Hitless switches, 2 SAT (S2 with CAMSlot), 2 Hitless Ethernet switches
Regenerative gap-filling and SFN functionality
Agile frequency with static or adaptive pre-correction (linear and non-linear)
Built-in GPS receiver for SFN applications
Easy to use: responsive graphical web GUI interface
The SLIM line offers air-cooled TV transmitters with one or more amplifier modules.
The product line covers low to high power levels, featuring excellent signal quality in small sizes.

The SLIM line models are also available as repeaters, with a wide selection of operating settings, or as retransmitters, with satellite or Ethernet input.

The SLIM line is Syes’ best seller with over 8,000 units operating worldwide and is a truly rugged transmitter, some of the SLIM models are in operation since the 90′.
The SLIM line represents the state of the art in low intensity RF transmitter technology.

Transmitter configurations are based on single or multiple identical SLIM-type amplifier units (PA). The arrangement of the equipment depends on the desired output power level and operational requirements (also redundancy needs). The amplifiers are powered directly by the PCM driver. The choice of redundancy configurations may include dual drive (std-by driver), passive standby (1+1 or n+1) and others.

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