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SOUND4 BIG VOICE features the revolutionary HQ-Sound 192kHz audio processing engine, a SOUND4 patented technology that has been used for years in other products. Its processing structure includes an advanced DeEsser, a 3-band noise gate, a 4-band parametric Pre-EQ, a 3-band dynamics processor, a 4-band parametric Post-EQ, a brick wall limiter… Yes, much more than just a noise gate and compressor, and we don’t stop there, Big Voice² products offer further enhancements with our own plug-in extensions such as Reverb and more.

SOUND4 BIG VOICE processors are flexible and perfectly suited to all voices. From natural to big tone, everything is possible in just a few clicks. The SOUND4 BIG VOICE is the perfect tool for production studios to achieve a smooth voice.

SOUND4 BIG VOICE includes the revolutionary “Dominate-It” function so that the lead vocalist is always the leader. This unique feature, invented by SOUND4, gives priority to the lead talent and automatically turns off the guest microphones when the lead talent speaks.

SOUND4 BIG VOICE can even share the “Dominate-It” function with other BIG VOICE processors to control other microphones if necessary.

SOUND4 BIG VOICE has been designed for live studio requirements. The dedicated graphical user interface displays 2 microphones, status, affects and user names. Retrieving a microphone for a user is done in two clicks… More and more… SOUND4 now introduces “Session Retrieval”: it is possible to save all the microphone affects + presets of the loaded users, and then retrieve them all in one click. SOUND4 BIG VOICE can also be automated externally for automatic session recall per day.

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