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This new technology, developed at Solidyne Labs, makes it possible to reconstruct the quality of the original human voice transmitted over telephone lines or mobile phone systems. This new invention, based on psychoacoustic science, uses the information contained in the 300 – 3,000 Hz band to decode and restore it to almost original audio quality. The voice, once restored, has a bandwidth of 50-10,000 Hz.

The VQR process, in real time, without delay, brings a quality of studio sound. Due to the average audio quality of the receivers, about 95% of the FM audience believe that the transmission of the telephone line is not a remote event.

The HL203 includes a 3-line hybrid, prior to the VQR system, to allow the handling of two phone lines and a wirelessly connected mobile phone via a digital microwave link called Bluetooth.
The 3 lines can be placed in conference, with a cross gain between them, to allow a comfortable and excellent level of communication.
It also allows direct entry of mobile phones instead of phone lines. In this way, a lot of money is saved in telephone rates by taking advantage of low-cost communication promotions, using corporate mobile phones. The VQR section of the HL203 is switched on by pressing a button.
VQR technology is the only one on the world market that offers zero latency, that is, it has no delay. Three controls allow you to set the desired quality level.

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