RFB2000GX is the latest generation 2KW amplifier produced by Sielco, prized for great efficiency and versatility for three main reasons: light weight, minimal size, and low power consumption.

Buying any model of the RFB line means making a winning bet to enjoy all the advantages offered by this equipment throughout the life of the product and, in addition, to save money: less transport costs, less space necessary for its installation and the lower energy consumption during operation.

The entire RFB range is very easy to configure thanks to a very intuitive interface. All equipment is equipped with an innovative graphic LCD display, a rotary multifunction control and a button for standby or operation.

The great flexibility of the Sielco product range allows you to include, at any time in the life of your transmitters, options such as:

– Telemetry / Remote control systems,
– Ethernet connection with SNMP protocol, being able to govern the main functions of the device from anywhere in the world.
– High quality stereo encoder.
– RDS Generator Board
– Digital audio card in accordance with the AES / EBU directive and RS232 / 485 serial port to allow easy integration with other instruments.

The modern and attractive design of our RFB amplifiers reflects the state-of-the-art technology of this model that is practically maintenance-free and saves time and money.

Note: Sielco’s FM amplifiers are named with the RFB code and require an exciter such as the EXC30GT as the driver.

The transmitter + amplifier assembly linked together to compose the combined transmitters are named by the TX code prefix.

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