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Axel Tech Oxygen 5 is specially designed on the air and production console for radio transmission. Its wide range of functions provides the most immediate and complete control of the emission. The structure is completely modular, allowing you to choose between different input modules (Stereo, Multi, Mono and Telco). Mono and stereo modules feature selectable dual inputs and (optional) three-band tone control.

Oxygen 5 is available in module versions 18 and 26 (with optional script tray). The frames are made of stainless steel and aluminum, with an elegant wood finish. Electronic components have been selected among the best on the market. In particular, the parts mainly subject to breakage and wear (such as switches, faders and potentiometers) are from Alps. Oxygen 5 features 2 output buses (Master and Sub), 2 record outputs (assignable Mst / Sub), and a versatile monitor section. All input / output connections, balanced on ¼ jacks, are grouped at the top of each module, hidden under the meter jumper

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