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Our 5700i delivers proven OPTIMOD sound in a compact, well-functioning 1U system at an affordable price. It provides stereo enhancement, EQ, AGC, multi-band compression, low IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting – everything you need to compete in your market.

More than 20 great-sounding, format-specific factory presets help you get started. Although the factory presets are fully competent “out of the box”, you can customize them with a simple LESS MORE single-knob control or over 60 advanced controls whose versatility will satisfy even the most demanding on-air sound designer. If you’ve created custom presets for the Optimod-FM 8500, 8400, 8300, 5500, or 5300, you’ll see that they are seamlessly imported into the 5700i, preserving their carefully crafted sound.
The digital and FM media processing paths were separated after the 5700i stereo enhancer and AGC. There are two equalizers, multi-band compressors, and peak limiters, which allow you to optimize digital media and analog FM processing separately. Processing that optimizes the sound of your FM channel while transmitting remarkably crisp, clean, CD-like audio through your digital channel audience.

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