Orban’s flagship OPTIMOD TV 8685 builds on Orban’s 30+ years of experience in television audio processing to provide transparent audible automatic volume control and dialogue intelligibility control for a surround program (up to 7.1) and four stereo programs simultaneously. Stereo processing can operate in dual mono mode, so it can process four subchannels in stereo or eight subchannels in mono. The OPTIMOD TV 8685 is Orban’s second generation surround / 2.0 processor offering standard AES3id and SD input / output capabilities, HD-SDI (3G) and audio routing.

In stereo mode, all four stereo processors may be aware of the prior emphasis, allowing the OPTIMOD TV 8685 to be purchased for immediate use with analog transmitters with the guarantee that it will provide uncompromising processing for digital transmissions when needed. A second use for stereo processors is to process up to four different languages ​​in DTV broadcasts.

The OPTIMOD TV 8685 has 3G HD-SDI and AES3id input / output, as well as comprehensive metadata management. HD-SDI I / O section supports SD-SDI (according to SMPTE 259M); 1.5 Gbit / s HD-SDI (according to SMPTE 292M; up to 720p and 1080i) and 3.0 Gbit / s single-cable HD-SDI (according to SMPTE 424M; 1080p). SDI I / O can descale up to 16 channels of audio, send them to the 8685’s DSP for audio processing, and then re-embed them with video that has been delayed to maintain AV sync. A relay provides hard wire safety bypass from SDI input to SDI output in the event of hardware failure.

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