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The Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 All-Digital Audio Processor can help you achieve the best possible audio quality in AM shortwave, midwave, and longwave broadcasts. OPTIMOD-AM delivers a stronger, cleaner, brighter, FM-like sound with open, fatigue-free quality that draws listeners in and keeps them. Because all processing is done using high-speed mathematical calculations within Motorola’s DSP56367 digital signal processing chips, the processing is clean, quality and stable over time and the temperature of analog processors is unmatched .

OPTIMOD-AM 9300 is descended from the industry standard OPTIMOD-AM audio processors 9100 and 9200. Thousands of these processors are in the air worldwide. They have shown that “OPTIMOD sound” attracts and maintains an audience even in the most competitive business environment.

The 9300 uses the same dual band and window technology as AGCs in many other current Optimods. This technology enables the AGC to quickly correct large level disparities without adding density to program material levels that are already well controlled.

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