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VS Series transmitters are ruggedly engineered to ensure maximum on-air continuity. The simplicity and reliability of the VS Series’ proven RF design is further enhanced with redundant fans and RF power amplifiers in the VS1 and VS2.5 Service friendly design considerations include washable air filters that are easily accessed from the VS front panel. Even the VS Series power transistors are field replaceable with common tools and absolutely no biasing or tuning is required. The integrated digital exciter approach also means there are no pots or switches to worry about. All exciter adjustments are done easily using the Advanced User Interface in a web browser either locally or remotely. In addition there is no warm-up or lock time. Power up and you’re on the air in a fraction of a second.

Nautel’s new VS Series FM transmitters are engineered to meet today’s most challenging broadcast requirements with an exceptional combination of robustness and reliability in a cost effective design. But the VS Series goes even further with industry first innovations such as IP audio I/O, Axia LivewireTM support, Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI) and a simple upgrade path to digital transmission ensuring that your VS transmitter is future ready. Each VS transmitter has been optimized for its specific power output to maximize functionality and quality resulting in outstanding value.

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