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With power outputs of 3 kW to 2000 kW, the NX Series sets a new standard for digital performance, rugged design and operational ease in MW transmitter design. Add AM digital precorrection, 86%* efficiency plus an intuitive web interface, and the result is the most advanced medium wave transmitter available today.

The building block of the NX Series is an integrated RF amplifier/modulator with a carrier power capability of 2,500 W. These power modules are hot pluggable from the front of the transmitter making service easy. The Class-D RF amplifier uses four transistors that can be replaced using only a screwdriver. Due to advances in amplifier technology, this amplifier is so efficient (98%) that it is capable of operating at over 10 kW continuously. This power capability results in very low transistor junction temperatures assuring robust operation even in the highest ambient temperatures.

NX5 Specifications:
• Transmitter Type: Medium wave, AM, 100% solid state
• Two RF power modules, each including a single integrated RF amplifier/modulator
• No frequency dependant parts in RF module
• Each module is hot pluggable and has internal microcontroller for protection and monitoring over a serial bus
• Short circuit protection at the module level offers an added layer of protection
• Optional redundant digital single board exciters utilizing FPGA/DSP technology with automatic changeover
• Pre-correction utilized specifically to improve digital performance
RF Output Power:
• Carrier Power Range: 0 to 5500 W
• Up to 62 preset levels, presets may include other operational parameters such as DRM vs Analog and different program inputs
• Output level stabilized against AC supply voltage variations
• Built in Dynamic Carrier Control
• Built in AM stereo
• RF Output Connection: 7/8″ EIA or 1-5/8″ EIA
• RF Output Impedance: 50 ohms, unbalanced
• Efficiency: 86% typical at 5 kW
• 800 peak reflected watts (1.5:1 VSWR @ 5 kW, 100% modulation) results in instantaneous power shutback
• 200 reflected watts RMS (1.5:1 VSWR @ 5 kW, 0% modulation) results in a graceful power reduction
• Frequency Range: 531 kHz to 1,700 kHz.”Quick frequency change capability”
Frequency Stability:
• ±2 ppm/year over temperature range
• ±0.3 ppm/year with GPS option
Modulation Capability:
• 140% positive peak modulation to 5000 W
• 130% positive peak modulation to 5500 W
Spurious and Harmonic:
• Meets ITU-R SM.328-11
• Meets ITU-R SM.329-12
• Voltage: 208 Vac & 380 Vac, 3 phase or to customer specifications
• Power Supply Variation: ±10% voltage, 47 Hz to 63 H

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