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In keeping with the high standards of the DEVA product range, the DB45 is the very definition of reliable FM signal monitoring.
FM signal monitoring. With a compact and practical design, it incorporates a variety of features that spell precise measurement
accurate and reliable measurement of signal parameters, including RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, left and right audio levels, RDS and Pilot, audio levels, RDS and pilot injection levels.

The DB45 has a fully DSP-based core and guarantees 24-hour operation. After demodulation of the FM signal
the RF signal is digitised by the SDR FM tuner and all signal processing is done by computation. The
The precision of the digital filters of this tool means that the components of the FM Multiplex signal can be reproduced from one device to another, from one device to another, and from one device to another.
reproduced from one device to another, i.e. the same signal applied to two devices would give the same result. All measurements can be measurements can be updated simultaneously and synchronised, so that detailed readings of the FM Multiplex signal components can be obtained.

The DB45 supports TCP/IP and optional GSM connectivity, allowing you to easily monitor channel status and listen to audio in real time regardless of the channel.
listen to the audio in real time no matter where you are – all that is required is a mobile phone. Another impressive feature of is the built-in audio streamer that gives users the opportunity to listen to and record audio from any station.

The DB45 model offers an RDS/RBDS decoder with BER meter, as well as adjustable alarms for RF, RF deviation, Pilot and RDS signal by mail.
Pilot and RDS signal via email, SMS and SNMP, while the WEB interface makes it easy to configure and control the unit.
The DB45 is a must-have when it comes to accuracy and reliability. Together with an
affordable price, all its features contribute to produce an impeccable monitoring performance.

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