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The new generation of MACROTEL X introduces AxelTech Multimode Technology. The internal DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based framework enables real time operation for the highest audio performance. This technology establishes MACROTEL X2 MULTIMODE as the state-of-the-art in telephone interface technology and allows to manage one or two telephone connections: POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) landline, VOIP, Bluetooth or GSM (with optional interface). With MACROTEL X2 MULTIMODE any combination of technologies is possible.

The audio enhancement functions are tailor-made to ensure the best possible call quality. Thanks to AxelTech’s ten years of experience in the field of audio processing, we must consider this product not a common telephone hybrid, but a telephone audio processor capable of shaping the sound to optimise the performance of every single telephone call. In fact, the new Macrotel X Multimode series integrates a powerful DSP system that takes care of the telephone signal processing:

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Echo canceller
Call hold/attenuator
Expander and compressor
Audio limiter
3-band Parametric Equaliser

The new MACROTEL X Multimode range does not require the installation of any software: the unit has an integrated web server that supports the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Opera, etc.) A simple and intuitive graphical user interface can be accessed through any device: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.For synchronisation of services and records the Macrotel connects to an NTP server. The main XLR input and output connectors can handle analogue or AES/EBU signals according to the configuration of the device (AES/EBU input/output is optional).A second XLR analogue output is available anyway. In Bluetooth mode the two outputs act as a balanced stereo output.

MACROTEL X2 MULTIMODE is capable of recording the audio of phone calls to a USB flash memory stick plugged into the front panel USB slot.The audio will be recorded in PCM format with a self-explanatory file name based on the date/time and can include only the RX audio or the RX and TX signals

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