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The new OMB EM 6000 HE DIG PLUS has been created by the OMB center for the development of high-efficiency transmitters. It consists of the FMA 6000 HE power amplifier which is> 70% efficient and the new EM 100 DIG PLUS transmitter. This 6kW amplifier is made up of two 3-3.5kW amplifier stages (FMA 3000 HE) and has an approximate consumption of 8600VA @ 230Vac, so it can be amortized in a short time due to its low consumption. Dual Drive version is also available.


– Typical AC efficiency of> 70%. 76% typical RF efficiency
– 2 amplifier stages with 4 amplifier modules of 900W with MOSFET technology each
– Each amplification stage contains 3 independent switched power supplies connected in parallel to maintain the operation of the equipment in case of failure of any of them
– TFT screen and touch keyboard for control and visualization of operating parameters
– Event log in memory
– Speed ​​control of the cooling fans according to the temperature of the power modules to optimize consumption and reduce noise pollution
– Advanced protection against load misadjustments without transmission outages and quick protection in the event of excessive reflected power and / or excessive input power
– Analog telemetry, digital remote control and RS232 telemetry, remote control by open / closed contacts
– Low pass filter, network EMI filter and internal single phase transient suppressor
– Automatic power reduction at night when used in combination with the EM 100 DIG PLUS transmitter
– Automatic power reduction in case of high temperature, the equipment automatically returns to its nominal power value when the temperature reaches an average value
– Automatic power reduction in case of failure of one of the power supplies and in case of excessive reflected power
– Automatic voltage control to optimize efficiency
– Optionally Telemetry TCP / IP, SNMP, Webserver

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