7000 W solid state FM transmitter consisting of: MOZART 100, and KFG NEXT 7000 amplifier, 19 “x5U occupancy. Rack mount system.

GREEN RF ™ technology, combined with new 65: 1 devices, is the latest evolution of the world famous patented COLD-FET ™ technology applied in DB transmitters.

AUTOMATIC CURRENT COMPARTMENT (ACS): automatic current balancing system, perfect load distribution, better operating conditions of power supplies.

Maximum redundancy: due to the optimized ACS system, extremely low output power loss in case of power supply failure. In dual power supply configuration, the power loss in the event of a single power supply failure will be less than 35%.

Instant replacement of power supplies – easy maintenance, no air. The plug-in power supply modules can be safely removed from the front panel without interrupting transmission.

Low maintenance costs for the FM transmitter, thanks to easy access to all components, external cooling air filters, very high MTBF (mean time before failure) for RF and power supply modules.

Compact design and low weight to reduce transportation costs and simplify logistics.

FM transmitter Complete remote control of SNMP, GSM or SMS WEB SERVER, available as an option.

Touch screen (optional): colorful touch screen that cannot be controlled manually to ensure perfect operation in any condition of the transmitter. Easy to use, simple and intuitive.

High Efficiency Cooling System: Air cooling system limits heat sink temperature rise to only 10 ° C above ambient temperature. This guarantees perfect operation even in places with extreme climatic conditions and high temperatures.

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