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The 3KW FM amplifier FMA 3000 HE is the result of the OMB development centre for high efficiency amplifiers. It has an efficiency of >73% and an approximate power consumption of 4200VA at a voltage of 230Vac, so that in a short period of time the equipment is amortised thanks to its low power consumption.

Mosfet solid state technology with three independent switching power supplies with 185-264V input and internal transient suppressor, microprocessor control and colour graphic display with touch sensor of the following parameters:

Direct power
Reflected power
Combiner temperature
Measurement of the individual currents of each of the 4 x 1,200W RF modules
Voltage at the 3 sources
Temperature indication at three points
Analogue, serial digital and contact telemetry
Alarms against temperature, VSWR, over excitation, direct power excess, over current and power supply failures
Automatic gain control
FOLD-BACK (automatic gradual power reduction in case of VSWR)
Power reduction in case of excessive ambient temperature
Adjustable power from 0 to 3.300W
Low pass filter included

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