D&R AXITE RACK TWO 19″ Rack 2x3HE for 42 I/O CARD positions


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Processing rack for I/O cards

RACK TWO (6HE) accepts 40 I/O one slot cards.

Two internal power supplies cards (3 slots each on the left side) are necessary as well as one Engine card (2 slots, on the right hand side of the Rack), a redundant power supply is optional.
If you just want I/O routing no DSP card is necessary.

But if you want signal processing one DSP card is always necessary to control 32 stereo channels as a maximum.
More DSP cards (4 max) give more processing channels (up to 128).

A range of I/O cards can slide into the 19″ rack to achieve the necessary number of analog and digital in and outputs your studio needs.
Any changes can be performed while ON-AIR.

RACK TWO can accept 37 one slot space I/O cards.

There are 35 available slots for I/O cards (8 are used for POWER and Engine card)


In/output connectors

The huge amount of in- and outputs per card could not be designed with a dedicated (jack/Cinch/XLR connector in the space available on the front of the card.
By using standard STP cables in every input and output module a compact and neat cabling can be achieved. Due to standardization, changes in wiring can be achieved very easily without the need for soldering.

These low cost Cat-5 cables are ready made available from us or from your nearest computer store starting at lengths of 30cm up to 20 meters.
If you need to connect a MICROPHONE to the AXITE take our 19” part number 60882045 break out panel.


Mount it in your studio rack, hook up a shielded RJ45 (STP) cable between the AXITE and this Mic input panel and you’re ready.
This also includes the remote wiring! No need to buy twice the amount of expensive XLR’s.
We have five types of patch panels available to choose from.

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