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Digital, Analog and Dual Stream TV Transmitter The FUTURE SFT series is reaching the highest level of technology in both digital TV signal processing and RF domain.

Dual transmission compact / digital / analog transmitter (3RU),
UHF (bands IV and V), LD-MOS amplifier, color display,
Internal GPS / Glonass receiver, ASI and IP input, last
linear and nonlinear adaptive generation
pre-correction. Not including outlet filter and cabinet
Shelf. Air conditioning. Output Power: Digital 300 Wrms
(400 Wrms in ATSC), 500 W maximum analog sync.

This Series of TV Transmitters achieves maximum performance thanks to:

1) ARK-X: The new evolution of ARK series multi-standard DTV controllers, the ARK-X series, capable of meeting or exceeding all the requirements of international DTV broadcasters.

Improving digital adaptive pre-correction and configuration flexibility are the key points of this advanced product, developed by the excellent Digital Signage department of display R&D.

2) Latest generation LDMOS devices: stronger and more efficient compared to the past, with a special low-loss design of the mix-and-match system, together with very high efficiency power supplies (more than 96% efficient).

3) Compactness: a new concept of heatsync and ultracompact power supplies guarantees the minimum sizes of amplifier modules with air or liquid cooling systems, and a very reduced dimensioning of the cooling system itself.

TV transmitters The FUTURE SFT series is the result of Screen’s intense R&D in high-performance RF amplifiers, combined with the vastly improved new software pre-correction capability and highly efficient power supplies (> 96%) .

Frequency range:

UHF (Band IV / V): 470 to 862 MHz, in 1 Hz steps

Available standards (all standards are fully supported)

Digital TV and analog TV


Power supply

AC line voltage: 380 to 415 (3 phase), 208 to 240 Delta or Star; 47 Hz to 63 Hz (specify when ordering)

AC line variations: +/- 15%

Power factor: ≥ 0.98

Environmental conditions

Altitude: 2500 m above sea level (> 2500 m on request)

Operating temperature range: -10 ° C to + 45 ° C at sea level, upper limit reduced from 2 ° C for 300 m above 1000 m above sea level

Relative humidity: 95%, non-condensing

Cooling method: forced air with external heat exchanger with redundant pump and fan

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