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The new FUTURE SFT / XE series, with its extreme efficiency, is reaching the highest technological level both in the processing of digital TV signals and in the RF domain.

Digital transmitter, UHF (bands IV and V), LD-MOS
Doherty amplifiers, color display, internal
GPS / Glonass receiver, ASI and IP input, latest generation
linear and nonlinear adaptive pre-correction. Single
amplifier module. Does not include outlet filter. Cabinet
Rack 15U. Air conditioning. Output Power: Digital 1000
Wrms (1200 Wrms in ATSC)

The best performance of FUTURE SFT / XE digital television transmitters is possible thanks to:

1) ARK-X: It is the evolution of ARK series multi-standard DTV controllers and meets or exceeds all requirements of international DTV broadcasters.

Improved digital adaptive pre-correction and configuration flexibility are the main benefits of this advanced product.


2) XET ™ (eXtreme Efficiency Technology): the new Screen XET ™ is the result of next-generation LDMOS devices (more resistant and efficient compared to the past), with a special low-loss design of pairing and combining system, coupled with extremely high-efficiency power supplies system, more than 96% efficient.

XET ™ technology, applied to the amplifier section, provides up to 42% overall efficiency.

3) Compact size: the highest efficiency combined with a new concept of ultra-compact and heat synchronized power supplies, gives the compact size of both amplifier modules with air or liquid cooling systems, and the cooling system.

4) Quick and easy maintenance: FUTURE SFT / XE SERIES has hot pluggable RF power modules (liquid and air cooled versions) for easy bench testing and quick on-site replacement.

All RF power modules are equipped with 3 independent power supplies for maximum redundancy and easy selection of balanced single-phase or three-phase operation. These 3 power supplies can also be hot plugged, for a unique form of smart maintenance.

5) Intelligent system design: clean and easy to maintain system configuration for both liquid and air cooling equipment thanks to:

– state-of-the-art progressive RF combiner
– with ultra-compact simulated unbalance loads and
– an intelligent intercom interface between RF modules, controllers and logic control system

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