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AxelTech’s new generation of audio processors FALCON X5 continues the tradition of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, maintaining the Falcon name: renowned and valued in the broadcast environment worldwide. The new Falcon platform marks a clear departure from the previous generation and offers state-of-the-art technology that surpasses ease of use, exceptional performance and unrivalled sound quality, enabling the generation of the highest quality modern sound.

FALCON X5 offers full connectivity with analogue and digital audio I/O (via XLR connectors), 2 independent MPX outputs, USB, GPI and serial ports. Hardware bypass circuitry is included to ensure audio presence and programme continuity. The FALCON X5 has some special features built in: the LAN port and built-in web server allow you to control the processor and tune the audio from anywhere. The built-in digital Stereo Generator ensures an extremely accurate MPX signal. The composite Clipper, part of the Stereo Generator circuit, guarantees the highest level of modulation, in accordance with worldwide technical standards. This allows each radio station to build its unique sound shape. The optional integrated RDS encoder performs full digital processing.

Logging of the output signal is a native feature and provides a lot of information about the signal parameters. The stored information and time lapse can be customised and depends on the file size of the SD card or USB flash drive. The audio processing functions are fully customisable:

5-band compression control
Adjustable drive and threshold
Dual band AGC
3-band EQ (low, mid and high frequency) and brightness control
Mono sound phase control allows the human voice to be given a more natural and pleasing sounding form
End limiter improves sound presence
40 memories allow factory presets to be recalled or a new one to be saved and restored according to the customer’s needs.

FALCON X5 processors are equipped with a universal 90-260 V AC power supply, operating at 50 or 60 Hz, ready for use in all countries of the world. Due to the low power consumption (max. 15 W) FALCON can be considered a “green” device. The robust design of FALCON X5 finds substance in the extensive use of steel. FALCON X5 devices are immune to strong electromagnetic fields and are suitable for installation in extreme environments. A dedicated digital test signal generator can send to all physical outputs (analogue, digital and MPX) a signal sample of varying frequency and amplitude, which helps to calibrate the entire audio system.

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