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The AUDIMAX 362HD has 7 analogue processing stages and the digital stereo encoder. It works with 3 audio bands and has 7 controls on the front panel to customise the sound. Its low price is suitable for community FM radio and low power stations, the 362HD has simultaneous stereo balance outputs for internet audio transmission and coaxial MPX output for FM transmitter. The 362HD is an excellent processor for WEBcasting because the analog inputs have internal equalization for optimal broadcast performance.

Operating on an FM radio, the AUDIMAX 362HD increases the range of the FM transmission, improving the coverage area by 30 to 50%, obtaining an impressive audio quality that will distinguish your radio station. The AUDIMAX 362HD is fully VCA controlled and very easy to adjust. In fact, with all the knobs in the central position, your radio will sound perfect on the air. You don’t need a technician to make adjustments. Its main feature is its ease of use, as it does not require a specialised technician to start and adjust the unit; nor does it have critical input level control, as an automatic system adapts the input gain to the output level of any audio console.

The stereo encoder stage uses digital synthesis with 16X oversampling, a technology developed by Solidyne that guarantees ultra-low distortion and high channel separation, requiring no readjustment over its lifetime. The MPX output is differential type, with floating floor to cancel residual hum.

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