The D&R AIRMATE-12-USB is a triple input mixer with 12 faders and 34 inputs, capable of accepting:

* 10 bal mic inputs, 3-band equalizer and inserts for voice processors.

* 22 stereo line inputs where each B line input can accept our optional RIAA preamp module to work


* 2 stereo USB inputs (for radio playback systems, like our AIRCAST.

* 2 integrated VoIP or hybrid phone channels with RJ-11 connectors for phones and landlines.

* Fader and On-start in the 12 channels.

* Integrated ON-AIR light switch.

* Built-in Talkback Mic with routing to Clean-feed, Aux

and / or speaker outputs.

* Auto Control Room Monitor cut off when in DJ mode.

Built around well-tested low-noise circuitry, this console is the dependable workhorse for D.J. you need 10 microphone inputs, an internal telephone hybrid (2x) and a USB connection to the PC (eg for webcasting). A 19 ”rack-mounted, heavy-duty shielded chassis houses 12 vertical triple input modules providing flexibility rarely found in such a mixer. Ten input channels with high quality balanced microphone inputs on XLR and two stereo line level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors Each microphone input has an insert for Y signal processors … each line level B input can be converted to a phono channel (turntable) simply by installing an optional stereo RIAA equalized phono preamplifier.

Integrated phone hybrids

Hybrid channels or integrated VoIP

We also offer dedicated VoIP channels for AIRMATE-12-USB, or a combination of a hybrid module and a VoIP module.

If you still want to use a classic analog or digital hybrid, we have designed a clean power output on pin 1-4 of the RJ11 connector. You can return the hybrid signal on the line input of the VoIp module.

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